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Read about how others are using Tubbease for effective hoof treatment.

Tubbease a life saver

A few years ago, Jura was diagnosed with EMS. One of the unfortunate sides to this is laminitis. With the weather as it has been this year, he has had a few bouts of serious laminitis. This resulted in taking x-rays which proved that Jura had slight rotation in the pedal bone and that there was a chance the bone would drop more if the laminitis was to come back.

I was recommended the Tubbease Hoof Socks through a laminitis site. Life is so much easier with them. Tubbease is easy to fit, durable and safe to use! Definitely a LIFE saver!!!

I would definitely recommend Tubbease to anyone. The hoof socks have got Jura back on track to the point where he can now go out in the paddock a few hours with his best mate.

Becky Denton, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Delighted with Tubbease

I would just like to tell you how delighted we are with the ‘Tubbease Hoof Sock’.

Our farrier recommended soaking our boys’ feet, we don’t have stables so doing this in a shelter can prove difficult. I looked for something easy and came across these, they really are great. I take a container with water and fill boots using a watering can! The boys are happy to stand in them and I can do all their feet at once. I worried about the material getting wet and rotting, but so far so good. I would recommend a size bigger for soaking as you can get more water in. I’ve told my farrier about them and will be telling all of my horsey friends!

Thank you I’m so happy with them.
Tracey, Eve, Kelso & Billy – Orkney Islands, UK

Versatile hoof treatment

My horse, Ramon, has CPL and due to that his hooves are bit problematic – prone to fungal infections and rot. Tubbease are an easy way to treat hooves as they’re so quick and simple to put on and take off, and the horse doesn’t necessarily need to stand still tied up but can move and mingle with others. So that makes hoof care sessions fine for him too! For me personally, it’s very important that I can use them on my own without needing an extra hand to help!

I use them with Sanogene that I pour in the sock. After that I let him wear them 10-15min at time. I like to keep my hoof care sessions short which is nicer for my horse too. This is also why I bought two instead of one so I can treat two hooves in one go!

Linda Nap, Horse Owner, The Netherlands.

A treatment for all hoof ailments

I have been using Shoof products for over 25 years and am delighted to see them bring Tubbease to the market!

I have used a number of them now on everything from foot abscesses and bruising to laminitis and hoof wall injuries. They are easily applied and reduce the cost of bandaging while maintaining a clean hoof. The boots come in a nice variety of sizes and can be used either to keep the foot dry or clean-soaking in whatever salts or solutions are needed for treatment.

Clients have responded well to them and they are very reasonably priced.I’ll continue to use them well into the future.

Dr Noel Power, Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre, New Zealand.

A simple, no frustration solution

Shoof are well-known for their innovations in animal health supplies. I was delighted to see they have come up with a great way to solve the age-old problem of tubbing a horse’s hoof. This job can be one of the most frustrating of all jobs for a horse owner. The Tubbease hoof sock is easy to apply and stays in place either with or without traditional dressings underneath. It’s simple and easy to use and not only saves time and frustration but is economical as well.

Jody Hartstone, Grand Prix Dressage Rider/Horse Trainer, New Zealand.

Lilly the Houdini and Tubbease

Lilly has had two abscesses this winter and Tubbease has been my saviour. Anyone that knows Lilly knows how tough she is on things and what a menace she is, so it was well and truly tested and did not come off once.

She has worn Tubbease for approx. seven weeks and I’m still on my original two, I alternate between the two and wash and wear.

I love recommending a product when it has proven it can do the job – Tubbease certainly has.

Donna Dellow, New Zealand.

A kinder hoof treatment solution

For a few years now I have been using Tubbease – they are a great way to keep the hoof clean and give it time to repair. I run an agistment farm for Thoroughbred race horses and I am often working by myself so I find Tubbease is easy to use and it doesn’t rub or irritate the horse. I can highly recommend Tubbease to people who need an easy way to poultice or treat their horses’ feet.

Rosie Ealden, Canterbury Park Farm, New Zealand.

A happy pony again

We’ve had a very wet season and my mini’s soles softened from constantly standing in wet sand. He also developed bruised soles from every little stone.

I gave him a set of Tubbease and EVA Sole Inserts so he could be outside again with his girlfriend and his hooves would stay dry. Tubbease stayed on on perfectly! Also walking and running with his new ‘hoof socks’ was no problem at all. For me, this was a perfect temporary solution until his hooves are better. He is a happy little pony again!

Lonneke van der Zijde, Spikkel Ponyverhuur, The Netherlands.

Tubbease and Clio the Donkey

25yr old Clio is currently at Sofie Senden’s VZW Lamana Animal Sanctuary and undergoing extensive hoofcare treatment from Tine Dewulf of Hoefonderhoud Tine Dewulf. Clio’s hooves were in really bad shape from previous neglect and laminitis. So I supplied a Tubbease hoof sock for her treatment. Due to Sofie’s care, Clio has come a long way in a week. The Tubbease hoof sock helps her tremendously. Clio is pretty scared of new things but Tubbease offers a simple and stress-free solution for her. The hoof sock also keeps her hooves clean, dry and free of thrush and infection. It’s a fantastic thing!

Aad Haesakkers, Turbohoof Solutions, The Netherlands.

Happy to have my Tubbease!

I used to soak my horses’ feet in buckets for deep cleaning. You can guess with shifting weight my horse would tip over the bucket. Now with Tubbease it is so much easier…. and I’m now able to soak two feet at the same time! I must regularly clean and treat his hooves thoroughly as he is very susceptible to thrush and any other fungus. Part of that is due to constantly standing in his wet spot. Even in the stall using the Tubbease is quite a solution!

Birgit Stins, The Netherlands.

Easy solution for wound cleanliness

These boots are amazing!! They are the easiest boot I have ever used and trust me – I have tried everything on the market. After a freak accident with a piece of mulch my horse had a large open wound on the bottom of his foot that needed to be kept clean and dry. Tubbease was the answer to my prayers! I love that these boots are so comfortable and breathable for the horse, and simple to put on and take off. Not to mention very economical! Seriously awesome product, they definitely made my life easier!

B.H. and Kari the Arabian, USA.

Making hoof treatment easy

My 5-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, Obama, developed a hoof abscess. He hates having his hoof in a bucket of water – it requires a minimum of two, preferably three people, to persuade him: One to bribe him with feed, one to scratch him in his favourite places and one holding the bucket where he can’t see it.

Luckily, I discovered a little while ago that the store where I work stocked these smart Tubbease Hoof Socks. So, I bought one home with me – it was worth a try. And they are brilliant! Now I can do Obama’s hoof treatment alone – I simply put the sock on the hoof and pour the soapy water in. It’s so easy!

Annette Larsen, horse owner, Denmark.